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Sanctions are an important issue for every sector. The content and types of sanctions are very different. Sanctions can be imposed on countries, individuals, organizations, vessels and aircraft. Risks and regulations are higher as the maritime industry is an international sector.

Parties in the maritime ecosystem (energy traders, banks and refueling-related entities) aim to avoid contact with parties or ships subject to maritime sanctions. According to local and international AML regulators, parties that have commercial business relationships with vessels are required to implement due diligence procedures. Vessel screening enables parties to carry out due diligence procedures. The purpose of vessel screening is to detect and avoid establishing a business relationship with sanctioned vessels. Failures in due diligence processes result in loss of reputation of businesses and punishment by regulatory agencies.

Vessel Sanctions Screening Solution

Sanction Scanner is an international AML solutions provider. Sanction Scanner's database contains sanction data from more than two hundred countries. And all these sanction lists are updated at 15-minutes intervals. AML Screening Software enables businesses to implement due diligence procedures. With AML Screening Software, businesses can check people, organizations, vessels, and aircraft on sanction lists. Sanction Scanner's AML database contains adverse media data in addition to sanction lists. You can contact us for "Vessel Screening" in global and real-time AML data.

AML Name Screening Software

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