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FATF Plenary June 2022 the Key Outcomes

At the last general assembly meeting of the FATF, which was held with delegates from more than 200 jurisdictions between 14-17 June 2022, the sanctions to be applied to Russia, the evaluation of Germany and the Netherlands were discuss.

Updates on FATF Travel Rule

FATF shared a report on its updates regarding the examination of jurisdictions' implementations of Travel Rule and their improvements by focusing on VAs and VASPs.

FATF Blacklists and Grey Lists

The FATF blacklists and greylists check in promoting international cooperation against money laundering and terrorist financing is important for the international financial system. Discover how these lists work and the consequences of being included in them.

HM Treasury Sanctions List

The United Kingdom is one of the most important actors in the world of economy and finance. All institutions need to be aware of what HM Treasury does.

What is Sanction Screening Service?

A sanction screening service is a tool that helps companies comply with regulations related to AML and KYC by detecting financial crimes. This service uses sanction lists, which are comprehensive lists of individuals, organizations, and countries that have violated regulations or international law, and have been sanctioned by governments or international organizations.